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It’s Time to Get Focused

In today’s highly connected and over-stimulated world it can be really difficult to stay focused amongst all the distractions. I personally feel my focus slipping most when I’m out of my normal routine. It makes me feel cluttered and behind in my work. For me, working from home has made it hard to keep any type of balance. In fact, I find myself working more than ever and the distractions are much greater. There’s nothing like calling into your next Zoom meeting with your five-year-old daughter asking for another snack in the background.

The Statistics

The interesting thing is I’m not alone and neither are you. The Harvard Business Review did a survey of 35,000 leaders from over 1,000 companies across 100 different countries and they found that “73% of leaders feel distracted from their current task either “some” or “most” of the time.” They also found that 67% of the leaders described their own minds as “cluttered” and 96% of them said that “enhanced focus” would be valuable or extremely valuable to them. These leaders, just like all of us, are getting bogged down by distractions, having difficulty completing tasks, and are just plain overworked.

Our Focus

When we began to develop our Lazer hemp extract oil for enhanced focus, we had no idea what 2020 was going to be throwing at us. Looking back I know we were developing the right product at the right time. Built on the foundation of our very own Minnesota-grown hemp, we carefully layered a blend of natural ingredients to allow you to stay on point throughout the day. As a group of like-minded daily grinders, the Radio team knew this would be a product people would gravitate towards and fall in love with.

What Gives Lazer the Edge

Like our other hemp extract oils for rest, stress, and relief, Lazer starts with 500mg of our 0.00% THC, hemp extract oil. By carefully extracting our oil, we’re able to capture the plants’ essence which you’ll see on the lab report. Rich in CBD, CBC, CBDv, and CBG this oil will help take the edge off and allow you to relax your mind. We then infuse the hemp oil with a blend of botanical terpenes from citrus, hops, pine, jasmine, and citronella that boosts your energy and mood which allows you to stay on task for long periods of time. These bio-active terpenes such as δ-Limonene, β-Myrcene, δ-Carene, and the many others found on our lab report are the key drivers of Lazer’s efficacy. This is the Radio edge compared to every other CBD product on the market today.

Taste the Difference

With pure hemp oil and rich terpenes comes a somewhat bitter taste that can be difficult for some of you to stomach on a daily basis. We know if you want to stay in a routine, you have to enjoy what you’re taking. This is why we worked with a veteran flavor chemist to deliver a delicious and natural Orange Hibiscus flavor to keep you coming back for more every single day.

Our Commitment to You

Like all of our products, we back Lazer with a 30-Day money-back customer satisfaction guarantee so there’s no risk for you to step up and try one or more of our amazing products. So grab yourself a bottle of Lazer, cut through the noise, and tune in to a more focused and productive life.